Stars of the week - 20th - 24th  May 2019

Bear Base           -     Sofia - for working hard to improve her sentence writing 

Hedgehog Base -      Subhan - for trying extremely hard with his letter formation

Turtle Base         -     Kian - for excellent participation

Penguin Base     -     Ema - for always following the school rules

Giraffe Base      -      Luke - for trying hard in Literacy with writing a shopping list

Yellow Base      -      Royaume - for having a positive attitude towards learning

Blue Base          -      Hania - for settling well and trying her best

Purple Base       -     

Orange Base    -      Alishba - for her lovely imagination in creative writing

Red Base          -      Zuzanna - for excellent focus in completing her work

Hexagon Base  -     Umer - for creating a beautiful mosaic picture 

Star Base          -      Maya - for lovely story writing ideas 

Triangle Base   -      

Circle Base       -     Ibrahim - for writing a fantastic piece of descriptive writing

Diamond Base     -