Stars of the week - 21st May - 25th May

Bear Base         -    Ariana - for working hard in phonic lessons

Hedgehog Base -  Guilia - for trying her best in maths

Turtle Base         -   Isabella - for increased confidence

Penguin Base     -   Edward - for trying really hard with his writing

Giraffe Base      -    Charlie - for trying to follow our class rules and improved behaviour

Yellow Base      -    

Blue Base          -   Na'Sharn - for trying hard to write an ending of a story independently

Purple Base      -   Rayan - for good reading

Orange Base    -    Valentina - for well mannered/ positivity in everything she does   

Red Base          -    Ajay - for excellent progress and achievement in maths

Hexagon Base  -   Kai - for improved listening and concentration in class

Star Base          -    Simon - for much improved reading and comprehension skills

Triangle Base   -     

Circle Base       -     Milan - for making improvement with his writing

Square Base     -      Edie - for fantastic work in maths