Stars of the week -  3rd - 7th July 2017


Hedgehog Base -     Viktoria - for improved behaviour

Owl Base            -     Lewis - for doing fantastic writing with Mrs Goodyear

Penguin Base     -   Na'sharn - for doing so well with his writing

Bear Base          -     Arvin - for improved effort in his writing

Giraffe Base      -     Jayden - using his imagination in his writing

Yellow Base      -     Holly - for using full stops at the end of her sentences without any support

Blue Base          -     Keiran - for improving the presentation of his work

Purple Base      -     

Orange Base    -    

Red Base          -      Saad - for writing a fantastic letter using wow words

Hexagon Base  -     Emaan - for working hard during art week

Star Base          -    

Triangle Base   -     Ibrahim - for fantastic acting in the school play, you were great

Circle Base       -