Stars of the week - 08-01-2018 to 12-01-2018


Hedgehog Base -   Avika - for her hard work in personalised learning

Turtle Base         -   Joshua - for amazing enthusiasm with his learning

Penguin Base     -   Mateo - for trying really hard to work out one more & one less of a given number

Bear Base          -    Megiya - for being kind and helpful

Giraffe Base      -     Ashar - for making fantastic progress in maths

Yellow Base      -    Simran V - for having a positive attitude for learning and improving listening skills

Blue Base          -   Logan - for working really hard with his number bonds to 10 and 20

Purple Base      -    Lassana - for good phonics

Orange Base    -    Zakariyah -  for knowing all his phonic sounds and getting 40/40

Red Base          -    Jaylan - for impressive achievement in phonics, spellings and maths

Hexagon Base  -    Schalk - for excellent dividing in maths

Star Base          -    Simon - for making a great start in Star base

Triangle Base   -     Kimia - for being able to complete a task independently without making a fuss

Circle Base       -    

Square Base     -    Khadijah - for working independently