Stars of the week - 12-03-2018 to 16-03-2018


Hedgehog Base -    Sofia - for her positive attitude towards learning

Turtle Base         -    Arsen - for excellent effort in maths

Penguin Base     -    Laura - for using her phonics brilliantly to write about her sparkly box

Bear Base          -     Shreya - for increased confidence in phonics

Giraffe Base      -      Lia - for amazing writing

Yellow Base      -      Sophie - for working hard to improve her phonics and writing

Blue Base          -      Sumaiya - for trying to use neat handwriting in her writing sample

Purple Base      -       Myka - for good writing

Orange Base    -        Felicity - for trying her best with her reading

Red Base          -       Evie - for remarkable improvement in her writing

Hexagon Base  -       Alayna - for always working hard and being a good role model

Star Base          -       Ruby - for much improved listening and focus - keep it up !

Triangle Base   -     

Circle Base       -     

Square Base     -       Rithwik - for a fantastic recount of the school trip