Reception Curriculum Overview 2017 - 2018




Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


All About Me

Seasons/ Festivals

People who help us



Traditional Tales/ Authors




Making New friends.

  • Being a good friend
  • What it means to be kind

 Likes and Dislikes.


Routines and behaviour expectations.

Special times and events e.g. birthdays.


Turn Taking.


 Children in Need - Someone Else's Shoes

Expressing own views and ideas during discussions.


Talk about own abilities.


Confidence to speak and perform in Class assemblies.

Explains own knowledge and experience when talking about growing.



Beginning to negotiate issues with other children.


Try new activities and select own resources.

Talk about and show their understanding of how their actions have consequences to themselves and others.


Transition to Yr 1


C+ L


Following directions and instructions.


Carpet rules and expectations.

Answering how and why questions.


Using new vocabulary – linked to topic and role play.

Beginning to use language to recreate experiences and situation within play.

Responds to ideas expressed in conversation.

Beginning to ask questions of others in discussions and circle time.

Developing own narrative.


Using past, present and future forms accurately when talking about events that have happened or are to happen in the future.




PE: Spatial Awareness

Naming body parts and how we can move them.


PE – moving our bodies in different ways.


Pencil control activities


Copying letters from their name.

Dress and undress themselves for PE.


Take themselves to the toilet – remaining clean throughout the day.


Hold pencil correctly.


Writing letters from their name independently.


PE: Travelling

Increasing control over pencils/ pens/ scissors.


Writing own name independently and some other letters.


Negotiates space successfully.


Understanding of how to use tools effectively when constructing or making.


Can form most letters correctly.


Healthy eating linked to Oliver’s Vegetables. Fruit/Vegetable tasting.


Importance of a healthy diet and exercise.

Golden Mile


PE: Bean bag/ Ball Skills

Climbing equipment.


Cutting and creating mini-beasts.


Writing sentences and forming letters correctly.


Good co-ordination and space negotiation.


Posters of how to stay safe in and out of school.


Sports day 






Phonics Phase 2

Reading book – wordless

Introduce Library Books.


Inviting reading corner and writing area.


Name recognition and initial name writing activities.


Pencil Control.


Phonics Phase 2

Initial sound activities.


Letter formation.


Non-fiction books on festivals e.g Diwali.


Simple CVC blending.


Writing Sample – A fish who could wish.


Phonics Phase 3

Describing words linked to Bear Hunt.


Beginning to write simple sentences.


Favourite part of Mr Wolf’s Pancakes.


Shopping Lists.


Weekend News.



Phonics Phase 3

Story Sequencing.


Plant labelling.


Healthy Fruits/Vegetables – which is our favourite?


Writing Sample – What’s in the Box?


Book Week.




Phonics Phase 4

Caterpillar Diary.


School Trip writing.


Non-Fiction writing about mini-beasts.

Phonics Phase 4

Story Retell.


Writing Sample – What would we find at the top of our own beanstalk?


Whole Class story writing.


Summer wish list

Favourite activity/ moment in Reception.





Counting/ Number Ordering.


Repeating patterns


1:1 Correspondence


2D shape

Counting/ Number Ordering.


Length (long and short).


3D shape.


One more/ One less – using objects.




1: 1 Correspondence continued.

Counting/ Number Ordering.


Ordinal Numbers.


Weighing (heavy and light).


3D shape revisited.


Position/ Distance.





Counting/ Number Ordering.


Capacity (full and empty).


Weight (ordering by weight).




Measuring using non-standard units.


Money (naming/ sorting coins).

Counting/ Number Ordering.












2D/3D shape.

Counting/ Number Ordering.


















Looking at ourselves for hall portraits – how are we unique.


Black History month




Special times and events.


Talking about Diwali/ Birthdays/ Christmas.


How do the seasons change?


Introducing bee-bots.

Remembrance Day


Predictions of what will happen if. . .


Map making of walk to school

Floating/Sinking investigation


Ice Investigation – how does it change – Why?


Opening and closing a program on the computer.

Chinese New Year



Plant labelling.


How do plants grow – what do they need?


Fruit and vegetables - where do they come from?

Looking at a map.

 Bee-Bot – following a route.

 Data collection activities.

 How does the environment change in spring?




Looking after caterpillars/butterflies.


Lifecycles of mini-beasts.


Logging in to the computer


Data collection activities – Favourite mini-beast.



Favourite activity/ moment in Reception.


How have they changed/grown since they have been in Reception?






Hall portraits.


Firework Pictures.


Diva Lamps.


Music Express


Christmas Artwork


-Christmas Cards


3D shape junk modelling.

Music Express

Assembly Artwork/ Props.


Chinese Lanterns.

Colour mixing

Ice painting

Music express


Assembly Artwork/Prop


Plant making (flower, stem, roots).


Book Week Artwork

Observational painting of Daffodils

Music Express

Mini-beast making e.g. window ladybirds.


Symmetrical butterflies.


Moulding clay mini-beasts

Music Express



Summer Artwork e.g. buckets and spades.


Music Express