Newsletter No 22  -  17th July 2017
Dear Parents/Carers,
Full-time pupils: School closes for the Summer Holiday on Thursday 20th July after lunch at 1.15pm NOT 2.45pm.
Part-time pupils: Last day Nursery Wednesday 19th July – Nursery closed
Thursday 20th July
NB: Our Holiday Programme for 2017/18 is available on the school website (Any alterations or extra days will be notified separately).
The classes and teacher/s for September are listed below:
Year 2 Circle Base – Mrs Rahman
Year 2 Hexagon Base – Miss Matharu
Year 2 Star Base – Miss Thomas/Mrs Taylor
Year 2 Triangle Base – Miss Begum
Year 2 Square Base – Mrs Reehal (nee Boulter)
Year 1 Orange Base – Mrs Mirza
Year 1 Purple Base – Mrs Phakey
Year 1 Yellow Base – Miss Bell
Year 1 Red Base – Mrs Darbin
Year 1 Blue Base – Miss Nicholls
Reception Turtle Base – Miss Collins
Reception Bear Base – Mrs Easterbrook
Reception Penguin Base – Miss Barrett
Reception Hedgehog Base – Mrs Dennis
Reception Giraffe Base – Mrs Toma
Nursery – Mr Atkins & Ms Lee
Please ensure your children have taken home all personal items by the time we close for the summer holiday. Items not collected by the end of the school year risk being disposed of when the classes are cleaned over the summer.   
Hedgehog Base open evening will take place on Wednesday 19th July from 3.00-5.30pm (the date was rearranged due to the class teacher attending Jury Service). 
‘I GO TO SCHOOL EVERYDAY’ COMPETITION                          
Early to bed, early to rise, every day and on time, could win you a prize!  
We held a special assembly this morning to pick our 100% Summer Term prize winner. The winner received a £20.00 Toys R Us Voucher.  Well done to Yeamin Noor from Star Base. We also had a prize draw for the 100% winner of the whole school year.  The prize this year was a £40.00 Toys R Us Voucher. Well done to Monique Issac from Red Base. All the children who have 100% attendance for the whole school year have received a special 100% badge to celebrate this excellent achievement.  All prizes were presented to the children along with their certificates at this special assembly. 
This competition is open to all Furze children and will continue during the next school year. As you know regular attendance at school is very important – every day counts – attending school every day will help our pupils to have the best possible start in life.            
Tuesday 18th July - End of Year parties for AM and PM Nursery (Nursery is open on 19th July which will be the last day for the children).  Also party date for Penguin Base.
Wednesday 19th July – End of Year parties for Year 1 and Reception classes (except Penguin Base).
Goodbye to Year 2! We will miss our Year 2 children and wish them well for the future.  I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much we have enjoyed working with your children and to thank you for your support. 
Year 1 and Year 2 children start school at 8.55am (doors open at 8.45am) on Tuesday 5th September 2017 for the Autumn Term.  New Reception and Nursery children have been advised of their starting dates separately.
And finally … all the staff of the Furze-Warren Hard Federation wish you a happy and safe summer holiday.
Yours sincerely,
Head of School.