Newsletter No.1  -  10th September 2018
Dear Parents/Carers,
Welcome back! 
We hope you all had a lovely holiday.  

A very warm welcome to our new Nursery and Reception children and their parents/carers. I want to reassure you that the children usually settle in quickly during their induction period and will soon be enjoying school life and all it has to offer.
PUNCTUALITY - Parents are legally responsible for making sure that children arrive at school on time and are collected from school on time. 
We ask parents or carers to ensure that their children arrive at least 10 minutes before the bell (8.55am) so that they are ready to come into school when it opens at 8.45am.  It is important for children to arrive at school in a calm and happy frame of mind and that valuable teaching time is not interrupted by latecomers.  We keep a ‘Late register’ in the school office for parents to sign and write a reason for any late attendance or collection.  This register is monitored by the Hard Federation Attendance Officer.  NB: All full-time pupils are allowed access to their classrooms from 8.45am which should ensure that no child is ever late.  Our school closes at 2.45pm.  Children become very worried and distressed if they are not collected on time, so we ask parents to ensure that they arrive in time to collect their children when school closes.
If your child is vegetarian or has a particular food requirement and you have not already done so please write a short letter addressed to the school cook stating which foods are to be avoided/can be eaten.  If you need to speak to our cook a meeting can be booked via our appointment request forms available in the school office.
We are proud of our children for many reasons, not least for their personal appearance.  We believe our school uniform greatly enhances the sense of belonging to our school community.  I am writing to remind parents/guardians that school uniform is compulsory for all pupils.  School uniform is available from the
school office – please see the school website or your prospectus for items/prices.  To lessen the potential for confusion over ownership of similar items, please clearly mark all your child’s items with their name. Occasionally items will get mislaid, however, they can be quickly returned if they are marked clearly. Any parents who have difficulty in complying should contact the Head of School or the school office.
LOST/DAMAGED BOOKS - We regret that any lost or damaged books must be paid for.  There is a £5 charge for reading books and a minimum charge of £5 for library books.
If your child’s at home, pick up the phone.  When your child’s feeling better, please send in a letter.
We have a 24 hour attendance ‘hotline’ for you to use when reporting your child’s absence from school.  This is a message only service.  You should record your absence message on the answer phone which must include your child’s full name, class and reason for absence.  If you need to speak to the office staff regarding other matters you should telephone the main school number as usual.  Any absences not notified with a valid reason will be registered as Unauthorised Absences.           
Furze Infants’ Attendance Hotline ( 020 8270 4424
‘I GO TO SCHOOL EVERYDAY’ COMPETITION                            
Early to bed, early to rise, every day and on time, could win you a prize!  
We held a special assembly at the end of the summer term to pick our 100% Summer Term prize winner.  The winner received a £20.00 Voucher.  Well done to Tyler from Star Base. We also had a prize draw for the 100% winner of the whole school year.  The prize this year was a £40.00 Voucher. Well done to Jayden from Yellow Base. All the children who had 100% attendance for the whole school year received a special 100% badge to celebrate this excellent achievement.  All prizes were presented to the children along with their certificates at this special assembly.  This competition is open to all Furze children and will continue during the new school year.  As you know regular attendance at school is very important – every day counts – attending school every day will help our pupils to have the best possible start in life.
Please note that due to a government directive (September 2013) we are NOT able to authorise term time holidays.
Our Breakfast Club is open. If you would like your child to attend please visit the school office after 2.45pm any day and ask for Mrs Clark who will provide more information.
Please can parents/carers ensure that children are properly supervised whilst on the school premises – children must be kept close by your side at all times.  Pupils must be taken by parents/carers to the appropriate waiting area and handed over to the member of staff on duty.  All children including pre-school/toddlers are not permitted to climb on railings or use the play equipment or decking before and after school this is due to safety/insurance reasons.  Also, please be aware that dogs are not permitted on school premises and that bikes or scooters must not be ridden around the school site. Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Head of School.




                                                  LAST DAY OF TERM                             FIRST DAY OF TERM

AUTUMN HALF TERM 2015                                                               Friday 23rd October            Tuesday 3rd November                        

CHRISTMAS 2015                Friday 18th December (1.15pm closure)               Monday 4th January 2016

SPRING HALF TERM 2016 Friday 12th February                                Monday 22nd February

EASTER 2016                        Thursday 24th March (1.15pm closure)     Monday 11th April

MAY DAY 2016                      School closed to all pupils Monday 2nd May 2016

SUMMER HALF TERM 2016                                                              Friday 27th May       Monday 6th June

SUMMER 2016                      Wednesday 20th July (1.15pm closure)            

School opens at 8.45am and closes at 2.45pm (AM Nursery 8.30am to 11.30am/PM Nursery 12.30pm to 3.30pm) unless otherwise notified.

In addition Nursery closed to am and pm pupils on Friday 18th December 2015, Thursday 24th March 2016 and Wednesday 20th July 2016. 

To be added to the above are INSET days yet to be arranged and any alterations or extra days will be notified separately.